In Transit

In Roman mythology, Janus is the god of transition, doorways, beginnings and endings. He rules over milestone events, is present at births and deaths, guards passageways and gates. In artistic representations, he is often depicted with two faces—one looking to the future and the other to the past. As I reflect on the past few months, Janus captures the spirit of this season of movement and change. We are in transit. And, our transition gives us the opportunity to look both forwards and backwards.

The March 7 dedication of the University’s new campus at 155 Fifth Street was a time to celebrate change. The dental school family saw firsthand the exciting possibilities our state-of-the-art building will bring. Through flexible learning spaces, collaborative open areas, simulation technology that more closely depicts real clinic situations and clinics designed to increase patient comfort and privacy, our new home will allow us to evolve to keep up with the needs of our students and the community. With our campus located at the nexus of San Francisco’s transportation system, we will have the opportunity to engage with new communities while continuing to foster relationships with long-time patients.

Being in transition may be disorienting at times, but we are anchored by the values and traditions that lie at the school’s heart—building our future and embracing our legacy. As you flip through these pages, you will see the familiar faces of alumni who attended our 115th Annual Alumni Association Meeting. I was thrilled to share our vision for the school’s next chapter and to see that the Pacific Dugoni spirit remains strong in you and your former classmates. Your commitment to continuous growth, clinical excellence, and most of all, a humanistic attitude are intangible characteristics that will always thrive at the school.

In the theme of looking both backwards and forwards, this issue shares insight into how the educational experience has evolved at the Dugoni School of Dentistry. This issue also features a profile on a couple of our most generous supporters, Melanie and Richard Lundquist, whose passion for advancing health care has made it possible for us to pursue our lofty goals in planning the future of our school.

As we step into this season of transition, I invite the Pacific Dugoni family join us in reflecting on our rich past and forming a clear vision for our future.


Patrick J. Ferrillo

Dr. Patrick J. Ferrillo, Jr.