Reunion Classes Support Student Success Through Generous Gifts

The spirit of philanthropy was on full display during the Alumni Recognition Luncheon at the 115th Annual Alumni Meeting held March 7 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. The Reunion classes presented their gifts to benefit the Pacific Dugoni Annual Fund, endowments and other programs at the dental school.

Thank you to all of the generous contributors who participated in the class gifts that will support Pacific Dugoni programs and people for years to come.

2014 Winners

Sloman Bowl—highest percentage of a class attending reunionClass of 1964 with 38.5% attendance

Dugoni Bowl—highest percentage of a class in the Endowment & Legacy Society
Class of 1974A with 12.79% participation

Redig Bowl—highest percentage of a class in the Pacific Dugoni Annual Fund Leadership Club
Class of 2009 with 22.6% participation

Tocchini Bowl—highest percentage of a class participating in the class gift
Class of 1989 with 32% participation

Boxton Bowl—the largest reunion class gift
Class of 2004 with $318,208.04 raised

McDowell Bowl—the largest gift to the annual fund
Class of 1979 with $96,970.70 raised