Collaboration Amid Crisis

We kicked off our spring quarter on March 30 in a way we never would have imagined—our campus facility closed due to a statewide shelter-in-place directive. 

Amid this disruption, the Dugoni School community came together in new ways to collaborate and support each other. We found innovative new methods to work, teach and learn.

Our academic affairs and information technology teams collaborated to make sure our faculty members could deliver their programs online. Our students found new ways to meet online for their coursework and social activities. Our faculty and staff stepped up so we could offer emergency services to our patients of record, relieving hospital emergency rooms from any additional visits for dental needs. Our administrative leaders worked daily on contingency plans to be ready for a campus re-opening at a later date.

As I write this message in early April, we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I know we will get through this difficult time by working together guided by our school’s core values of courage, empowerment, excellence, innovation, integrity and leadership. 

This has been a time of disruption for our alumni—for your personal lives and for your dental practices as well. If there are ways we can help or connections we can make for you, please reach out to our Alumni Association.

Fortunately during this tough period for our society, we have a wonderful team of people—our students, residents, faculty, staff, alumni and other supporters. We are committed to each other and to the purpose of the Dugoni School of Dentistry, and that is something we can all celebrate today and in brighter days ahead. 


Nader A. Nadershahi ’94, DDS, MBA, EdD